Phantom Hourglass Wizzrobe

This is a nice and simple papercraft that's suitable for beginners. Wizzrobes made a small appearance in the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, in the Temple of The Ocean King. They appeared in the later floors and had the ability to turn invisible and pass through walls. Getting hit by one would take away some of the time in your hourglass, but killing them rewards extra time. Their design kept the bird motif from Wind Waker, but added a scythe, marking the first time a wizzrobe used a physical weapon.

Included are the original 128x64 textures, as well as an updated, higher resolution version.


Height: 12cm
Width: 12cm
Depth: 11cm

Pages: 2
Parts: 26
DIfficulty: Easy

Splatoon Squid Papercraft

Splatoon is a Nintendo 4 v 4 online third-person shooter where the players have the ability to transform between a human form and a squid form. The aim is to cover the map in the colour ink of your team. You can only shoot in human form, but move much faster as a squid. 
This papercraft is of the player's squid form. It can get a bit fiddly and frustrating attaching all the tentacles & spikes to each other, so take it slowly and one flap at a time. It may also help to score more folds than you might normally do if you're used to building smooth. The rest is a simple strip construction, so I've left the difficulty as medium rather than medium/hard, but remember you'll need some experience to build!

Dimensions (with base):

Height: 16 (17)cm
Width: 17 (17)cm
Depth: 11 (17)cm

Pages: 3 (6)
Parts: 64 (82)
DIfficulty: Medium

Picross 3D - Shiba Inu

Picross 3D is a 2009/10 DS game that took 2D picross puzzles into three dimensions. The player chips away the unneeded cubes to leave behind a blocky shape. This papercraft is of one of the puzzles - a dog which is featured on the cover art and title screen of the game. 
It's a simple papercraft with very few parts, but can be slightly fiddly due to the number of awkward angles in the model. Check out the video guide below for help and remember you will need to score every fold. If you print the lineless version, take extra care with this! You may have to take a few measurements to ensure your folds are in the right place.


Height: 12cm
Width: 7cm
Depth: 12cm

Pages: 3
Parts: 10
DIfficulty: Easy

Hyrule Warriors Bombchu

Here's a fairly simple papercraft for you. It's quite large, but so are the pieces (for the most part), so it's not too fiddly. Bombchus made a return in Hyrule Warriors as gigantic mechanical bombs, with a much more detailed design than ever before. If you let one explode in one of your keeps, you'll lose it immediately, so be careful and destroy them before they can explode!


Height: 11cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 30cm

Pages: 5
Parts: 51
DIfficulty: Easy/Medium

Captain Toad

Captain Toad first appeared as the leader of the Toad Brigade in Super Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2. Since then he has appeared in Super Mario 3D World, with a slight redesign and a unique set of levels. These levels involved guiding Captain Toad (who cannot jump) through puzzle dioramas, collecting stars along the way. This concept was later expanded on and Captain Toad got his very first game as a main character with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.


Height: 25cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 23cm

Pages: 11
Parts: 79
DIfficulty: Medium


Stuck? Check out the video guide below:


Valoo is a character from the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He lives atop Dragon Roost Island and protects the Rito tribe that also resides there. When a Rito comes of age, they travel to the top of Dragon Roost to receive a scale from Valoo that enables them to grow their wings. When Link first travels to the island a monster is torturing Valoo, preventing young Rito from getting their wings. Link must defeat the monster using Valoo’s tail in the very first boss battle of the game.

The papercraft stands at about 12cm tall, depending on how high up you position the head. It wasn’t created in Pepakura, so unfortunately there is no .pdo to help with construction, but for help there are full diagram instructions with the recommended build order, and check out the finished build picture for the positioning of parts.


Pipit is a Zelda character who made an appearance in Skyward Sword. He is a graduate of the Knight Academy in Skyloft, the winner of the Wing Ceremony the year before Link. He lives in Skyloft with his mother, Mallara, and can be found patrolling around the Academy at night. The papercraft is fairly complex, so make sure you have some papercraft experience before attempting it. Once you’ve done the first two pages though, it is a pretty straightforward build. The base is entirely optional, he will stand up without it or weights.


Height: 35cm
Width: 12cm
Depth: 13cm

Pages: 7
Parts: 67
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Usurper King Zant

This papercraft features Zant, a character from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The self-proclaimed King of Twilight, he overthrows Midna and tries to invade Hyrule and conquer the world of light, aided by Ganondorf. The final two pages (making up the helmet) are a little trickier and are optional. If you decide to make the helmet, it is fully removable and just sits on Zant’s shoulders.


Height: 40cm
Width: 39cm
Depth: 16cm

Pages: 11
Parts: 124
Difficulty: Hard

Kicks (Animal Crossing)

Kicks is an Animal Crossing character who was first seen in City Folk. He works shining shoes in the city and for 500 Bells, he will change the colour of your shoes depending on your current outfit or hairstyle. They can only be changed once a day, but make sure to visit Kicks if you want to get a good appraisal from Gracie.


Height: 18cm
Width: 14cm
Depth: 20cm

Pages: 6
Parts: 58
Difficulty: Medium

Build & photo by: Chartodileon


Old tortoise and Town Mayor in the Animal Crossing games, Tortimer can be found napping inside the Town Hall, or standing outside during special events. He explains the rules of competitions, gives out trophies to the winners of contests and freebies on days like Bonfire Night. Follow the build order on the template, and fully finish any limbs before attaching them to the main body. There are a few small parts, so keep some tweezers handy to help you out. Glue your finished Tortimer to the circle base to make sure he stands up.


Height: 11cm
Width: 8cm
Depth: 10cm

Pages: 3
Parts: 26
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Blimp Yoshi

A pretty complex craft, Blimp Yoshi was one of Yoshi's new power ups introduced in Super Mario Galazy 2, along with Dash Yoshi and Bulb Yoshi. With a Blimp Fruit, Yoshi can propel himself and Mario into the air for a short amount of time.

Tips: Follow the template's numbers for the suggested build order. I highly recommend using Pepakura Viewer  to open the .pdo file, it will tell you exactly what part goes where.


Height: 20cm
Width: 24cm
Depth: 22cm

Pages: 8
Parts: 69
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Build & photo by: Sabi96