Welcome to Paper Duplicator

This site started on Google's free blog platform in 2011 as Ultimate Papercraft. It was to be a place I could host my creations after I discovered a new hobby: papercraft. Building 3D models from 2D paper templates was a perfect way to combine my love of video games and making things. I built several models I downloaded from the internet, and quickly came to wonder "Why can't I make these?". From there started a long road of learning new skills, from 3D modelling to spatial awareness, as well as the basics of design and operating a website. Since then I have created and shared quite a number of templates with the internet - all for free.

Now, as an adult, it is difficult to spend as much time on papercraft as I once did. However, these templates have always been free and I want as much as you do to keep them free. So, I came to the decision to try and fund my papercraft through Patreon. It's simple - I keep making things you like for free, and I ask for a small monthly contribution to help me with hosting, bills and more. If you would like to support me and help keep things running, please visit Patreon at https://patreon.com/duriavenator.