Picross 3D - Shiba Inu

Picross 3D is a 2009/10 DS game that took 2D picross puzzles into three dimensions. The player chips away the unneeded cubes to leave behind a blocky shape. This papercraft is of one of the puzzles - a dog which is featured on the cover art and title screen of the game. 
It's a simple papercraft with very few parts, but can be slightly fiddly due to the number of awkward angles in the model. Check out the video guide below for help and remember you will need to score every fold. If you print the lineless version, take extra care with this! You may have to take a few measurements to ensure your folds are in the right place.


Height: 12cm
Width: 7cm
Depth: 12cm

Pages: 3
Parts: 10
DIfficulty: Easy