Splatoon Squid Papercraft

Splatoon is a Nintendo 4 v 4 online third-person shooter where the players have the ability to transform between a human form and a squid form. The aim is to cover the map in the colour ink of your team. You can only shoot in human form, but move much faster as a squid. 
This papercraft is of the player's squid form. It can get a bit fiddly and frustrating attaching all the tentacles & spikes to each other, so take it slowly and one flap at a time. It may also help to score more folds than you might normally do if you're used to building smooth. The rest is a simple strip construction, so I've left the difficulty as medium rather than medium/hard, but remember you'll need some experience to build!

Dimensions (with base):

Height: 16 (17)cm
Width: 17 (17)cm
Depth: 11 (17)cm

Pages: 3 (6)
Parts: 64 (82)
DIfficulty: Medium