Toadsworth is a Mario character whose first appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine, as Princess Peach's steward. Since then he has had various cameos and small roles, especially in the non platforming games.
Download pack includes a lined and lineless version.


Height: 20cm
Width: 12cm
Depth: 12cm

Pages: 5
Parts: 49
Difficulty: Medium

Blooper (Super Mario Sunshine)

Bloopers are recurring Mario enemies that have appeared in most of the games in the series, although they had their most unique appearance in Super Mario Sunshine. It was also the first game where Bloopers were able to stand on dry land.

Tips: Build from the head down, starting with the two big side pieces. Build down to the tentacles, then build the biggest two first and attach them to the body. Fully complete the other four tentacles, then also attach them to the body. Seal with the large octagon piece on the bottom.


Height: 15cm
Width: 22cm
Depth: 15cm

Pages: 4
Parts: 48
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Super Mario Sunshine Fruits

6 Papercrafts in one! This papercraft is of the fruits which feature in Super Mario Sunshine. They have a big role in the game from changing Yoshi's colour to being the focus of the boss battle against King Boo in Hotel Delfino. Build a coconut, durian, papaya, pineapple, red pepper and a bunch of bananas. If you want, you could always ignore the fact the models are from a Mario game, and build yourself a nice fruit bowl.


Variable! Height around 15 cm. All 6 crafts total 21 pages.