Pipit is a Zelda character who made an appearance in Skyward Sword. He is a graduate of the Knight Academy in Skyloft, the winner of the Wing Ceremony the year before Link. He lives in Skyloft with his mother, Mallara, and can be found patrolling around the Academy at night. The papercraft is fairly complex, so make sure you have some papercraft experience before attempting it. Once you’ve done the first two pages though, it is a pretty straightforward build. The base is entirely optional, he will stand up without it or weights.


Height: 35cm
Width: 12cm
Depth: 13cm

Pages: 7
Parts: 67
Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Goddess Cube Chest

The Goddess Cubes and Chests are new items to the Zelda series introduced in Skyward Sword. When Link activates a cube with a Skyward Strike, the corresponding chest in the sky will activate and light up, allowing Link to open it.

Tips: build the top of the chest first, then add the bottom piece by piece. The finished chest should just sit on the four legs, or you can glue them down. Remember, you can refer to the .pdo file for help.


Height: 8cm
Width: 10cm
Depth: 7cm

Pages: 2
Parts: 28
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Hook Beetle

The Beetle is a new Zelda item, introduced in Skyward Sword. The first upgrade your Beetle gets turns it into the Hook Beetle, which has the ability to grab items like bombs and drop them nearby. 

Download pack includes a lined and lineless version.


Height: 15cm
Width: 28cm
Depth: 25cm

Pages: 5
Parts: 62
Difficulty: Medium